August 25, 2014


"are u twins???"

it is a common question heard when my sister and I in public areas...
I'm not sure how those people around us can see us in such a way
when we walk in the shopping mall, there will be people who stared us like seeing a ghost 

we are twins!!!
I replied in the affirmative if the people around me want to ask about our relationship 
actually we are not twins, but sisters 
my sister was born on August 24 and I was born August 7 the next year 
so we will be a twin in just 2 weeks a year..just kidding~
just as when I was of an age and she has not celebrated her birthday yet,
so we are about the same age...make sense..,right

there's a funny story about us ... 
one day, my sister would like to find a shoe on one shoe shop,
when she had found the shoes she want, she's asking the right size for her ... 
and the sales girl showed them to me
my sister came from behind the sales girl, and sales girl was very surprised ... 
her face turned red and she sat terrified 
my sister and I just confused, and we asked what made her afraid, 
"your face is identical...makes me surprised ..." 
I'm wondering... "is that feeling being twin???"

here, i attach a picture of us
it's not really identical, but maybe it just because we make our hijab at the same way..,
or we are from the same gene.. ^.^